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Vegetated Roofing Systems

Vegetated Roofing Systems – wind of change

Vegetated Roofing Systems – wind of change #ecoinnovation #sustainability #greenroofing #vegetatedroof ENVIRONMENT Green roofs reduce urban heat island effect (UHI), stormwater runoff, purify rainwater and capture airborne particles [smog, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds] which has a positive effect on air quality. __ ECONOMIC BENEFITS Extended roof life, reduce consumption of energy and they … Continue

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formwork and bim

Formwork and BIM

Formwork and BIM. What are they?   History of formwork systems The boundless world of formwork dates way back in time. In order to learn more about it, let’s dive into some history, back in the day when a concrete-like compound was conceived. Basically, this compound was liquid material, hence the use of a mould … Continue

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wall formwork

Wall formwork: type and function

A detailed description of use, type and function of wall formwork The formwork, or formwork system, serves as mould for concrete structural components unless such mould is provided by the soil, other structural components, etc. In this article we will look into wall formwork, specifically for the construction of pillars, walls, columns, piles, pulvini and … Continue

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HBIM - il BIM per la ristrutturazione

HBIM – BIM for building renovations and retrofits

What is HBIM? What benefit does this methodology bring?  Let’s find out together The number of historical and cultural buildings requiring renovations and retrofits of some sort in our territory is increasingly greater.  Hence the need for a tool and a methodology has become more and more essential as to store, manage and share information … Continue

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Approfondimento: Casseforme orizzontali

Slab formwork systems – Detailed study

In this study, we’ll be going through the various uses of horizontal formwork, slabs and their types. Slab and formwork The concrete slab is two-dimensional common structural element of modern buildings, consisting of a flat, horizontal surface made of cast concrete. It supports the floor by distributing the loads over the beams of the building … Continue

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Trans-Sahara Highway Algeri Condor

Different types of formwork: how to choose the one that suits you best

The formwork is something being used in concrete constructions as a “mould”, where concrete is poured in. Formwork types vary in materials, for instance, or elements to be built. Thus, they can also be named after the type of construction of structural elements such as the ones for walls, slabs, formworks for beams, for pillars … Continue

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Scaffolding Tube and Coupler

Scaffolding: Tube and Coupler

Different types of Scaffolding Tube and Coupler A Scaffolding Tube and Coupler is a widely used structure at most jobsites. It represents a temporary and safe work platform to aid in the construction maintenance repair access audit etc. When it comes to choosing the structure that best suits a construction site the engineers or technicians play … Continue

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Co.SIM and BIM

What is the Co.S.I.M. model and what does it have to do with BIM The BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology, along with all the advantages it brings is becoming increasingly popular. It is now possible to create information models of the building such as architectural, structural and plant engineering models using the BIM technology. Meanwhile, … Continue

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