Shoring Structures

Shoring structures to cast bridges, viaducts and decks which attend any need. Shoring systems manufactured according to design calculations based on the construction site needs and capacities.
TC80 Support towers for Designing and Implementation of infrastructure and industrial building

TC80 Shoring Towers

TC60 Support towers

TC60 Shoring Towers

Multicom shoring towers

Multicom shoring towers

Multicom high capacity towers

Multicom high capacity Towers

Download Condor Formwork AR App

Download Condor Formwork AR App

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Technical Consultancy

By continuously communicating with construction site managers and technical supervisors, CONDOR technicians provide technical support aiming at identifying the product or a combination of products which most meet a specific need, thus designing technical solutions which can be adopted thanks to the characteristics of CONDOR's system modularity and to the unceasing activity of Research and Development.

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