TC80 Shoring Towers

The modular frame system for large shoring-heights and high loads.



Low number of elements for easy and fast assembly, disassembly and handling;

Resistance: 80 kN maximum load capacity per standard, i.e. 320 kN per tower;

Modularity: the 50 cm span makes the system very flexible and allows to design accurately in any situation;

Durability: each element is protected by a hot dip galvanized finishing;

Great adjusting flexibility of head and base plate, which is extremely useful for accurate regulation of non-flat slabs and for striking operation;

Safety: several PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) connection points, frame locking device, access stair integrated in each frame;

Available also the TCs80 type without integrated stair for cheaper solutions.

The system

TC80 Towers are made up of few elements, all produced in hot-dip galvanized steel: adjustable base and crosshead, modular frames available in 12 different configurations and diagonal crosses.

Thanks to the system’s perpendicularity guaranteed by frames, floor diagonal brace and diagonal, immediate stability is achieved while assembling with significant time-saving in safe conditions during all the phases. Therefore, towers are light and strong, with up to 80 kN load capacity each vertical element, thus equal to 320 kN per tower. Versatility of use and easy assembly, combined with wooden beams system for slab make this system suitable for shoring slabs of bridges, viaducts, tunnels, underpasses and parking.

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