Scaffolding, Formwork, Trench Shoring, Structures for events.

Systems for infrastuctural, industrial and residential building.


wall formwork

Wall Formwork

comax formwork
slab formwork

Slab Formwork

slab formwork condor



Trench shoring

Trench shoring
strutture di sostegno

Shoring Structures

Shoring Structures
Strutture per eventi

Structures for events

Structures for events


We produce scaffolding and formwork suitable to meet specific demands and in compliance with the most severe regulations. Our international success is the result of custom-made design solutions.

Always flying

Work effectively is possible thanks to the quality of our products and our high standard of services. The recent set up of a branch in Dubai represents a milestone for the growth of Condor in the Middle East.


We offer solutions which allow our customers to set their results. The quality of products is guaranteed by ISO 9001 and ISS welding processes certifications.

Libreria BIM per Revit
Powered BIM Formwork


Engineers, technicians and skilled supervisors reach sites on daily basis, providing technical assistance on site. Highly qualified staff which communicates with designers and site managers providing assistance on products utilisation or driving designers to technologically advanced solutions which enable companies to optimize processes on site.

Custom-made solution

Despite having a wide range of products, for such particularly complex projects our engineers provide custom- made solutions.

The know-how developed over the years and the important references acquired on the field allow us to be recognised as a solid and reliable partner.


We coordinate and control all the steps of logistics process from the acquisition of raw materials, manufacturing and delivery to the final customer. We ensure the respect of customs procedures and timely delivery of products. Thanks to our branches and partners' network we are able to guarantee a timely and punctual logistics services.

Download Condor Formwork AR App

Download Condor Formwork AR App

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Technical Consultancy

By continuously communicating with construction site managers and technical supervisors, CONDOR technicians provide technical support aiming at identifying the product or a combination of products which most meet a specific need, thus designing technical solutions which can be adopted thanks to the characteristics of CONDOR's system modularity and to the unceasing activity of Research and Development.

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