5 Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Formwork

Yes, our formworks are designed to meet the needs of any works.

The same product can even be ordered in different sizes for different functions (walls, pillars, single-siding).

Standard formworks can take a maximum pressure of up to 120KN/sqm

In special cases, where higher pressure is required, the formwork can be reinforced with optional extras and/or redesigned to order.

That depends on the type of formwork.

Some are specifically geared towards for ease of manual movement.

One such formwork is the HALIFORM, manually moveable even by a single individual.

A formwork’s durability is strictly linked to its use and maintenance

Condor formworks possess a rigid structure and a finish that guarantees their high reusability. The phenolic-faced plywood protective layer ensures hundreds of reuses for each side.

Additionally, the plywood protective layer may be ordered with an optional plastic layer (Long-Life model).

Not at all. The request for a quote is free and without obligation. Our technicians will study the solution that best suits your needs, while our sales managers will offer different opportunities and methods of purchase. 

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