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Roof System Rooftop

ROOFTOP is a roof modular system designed for wide spans ideal for events or protection of a building site.



The bearing beams are connected with diagonal bracings with constant spacing of 2.5 metres forming a grid 250×200 cm. The uprights and diagonals are placed in a lower position than the coverings to prevent irregularities in the coverage. Total canopy comes in several pieces in order to facilitate handling and transportation.

Individual cover sheets, 2m wide, made pvc of 650 g/m2, class 2 fire resistant, have lateral curbs of sliding in the upper rail system and ends sheaths for fixing pull pipes of cover sheets: they are specially designed to avoid water pockets or infiltrations. The fastening of the cover sheets to terminal elements of the roof is realised using a practical systems of quick coupling pipes and belt ratchet 80 or 120cm long: one click and the roof immediately covered!


The system

The modularity of the system allows to build a span up to 24 metres in length. This system of roofing sheets being lightweight and more functional allows a considerable saving of assembly times.

ROOFTOP can be secured on any type of scaffolding systems or shoring towers.

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