Multidirectional Scaffolding Multicom

Thanks to the versatility of the rapid coupling node, the MULTICOM system enables the design of complex structures, in order to meet all needs of a construction site.



MULTICOM is a modular scaffolding system. Thanks to the innovative system and components, it enables the design of a universal structure which always meets the building needs of a construction site.

The system core is the structural node, made up of an 8 drill steel rosette, solidly joint to the standard, to which relevant ledgers, transoms and diagonals are connected, through a wedge coupling head that is fixed by a hammer blow.

Ledgers, transoms and diagonals meet on the rosette from different spatial directions and always transfer maximum stress to the center of the standard.
In this way, besides enabling multiple directions, the system guarantees rigidity, structural stability and a high load capacity despite a small number of components.

The system is built in high tension quality steel and is protected by hot dip galvanization which makes it resist corrosion for a long time, avoiding subsequent ordinary maintenance.

The system

With its assembling method, the system allows to speeding up and easing the installation in the construction site. No leveling of platforms, no couplers to fasten, no pipes to cut to measure. A slight hammer blow is enough to perform fastening saving a considerable amount of time.

It has interesting applications in complex structures and it is designed for use on facades of linear building, even if its modularity and stability make it suitable for any kind of temporary work.

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