Risk Free Safe Scaffolding

The RISK FREE system is a frame scaffolding system. Qualified staff can carry out assembly and dismantling operations safely also without fall protection devices – that is its mainly feature.




Spans: 75, 105, 150, 180, 200, 250cm

Versatility: possibility to safely assemble with safe frame or with ledgers and diagonals

Rapidity: safe frame with only three frame connection points

Safety: with the safe frame there is no need of using personal protective equipment with a safety lanyard

Ergonomics: allows the operator to lift the frame 63 cm from the decking level

The system

Contrary to other types of scaffolding, RISK FREE system is a collective protection system even in the assembling phase. According to the regulation in force, this is a preferable protection system compared with other personal protection systems, since it perfectly complies with the principle of risk elimination and, if elimination is not possible, the reduction to minimum risks with reference to knowledge acquired from technical progress.

Therefore, RISK FREE scaffolding does not require the personal protection system with a “safety lifeline” (besides adequate shoes, gloves, helmet, clothing, etc.), since the face frame is assembled in the lower floor, so that the staff is already protected when accessing the upper floor.

RISK FREE scaffolding is completed by several elements which allow to easily satisfying all the needs of the construction site.

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