Beam Flex Formwork

Steel waler system which is combinable and adjustable to any design, perfect when the concrete finishing is required fair-faced.




System designed for big sized panels reducing tie rods in the casting;

Variable sizes of modules according to the construction site’s needs;

Customized pre-assembling depending on the concrete pressure;

Possibility of choosing the plywood in contact with concrete depending on the required quality of finishing and on the number of reuses in the construction site;

Perfect connection of elements;

Wide range of service and safety accessories;

Customized solutions for bridges, tunnels, and special structures.

The system

Beam Flex system is a modular formwork system consisting of SH20 wooden beams, steel walers and plywood sheets.

Beam Flex formwork is adaptable to any design need. This type of formwork is particularly suitable in cases of special concrete finishing (the so called “fair-faced casting”) and extremely refined curved shapes. Thanks to its ability to adapt to any configuration, high casting pressure can be absorbed, such as the case of self-compacting concrete (SCC), more and more required in big construction sites.

The combination of this universal system with CONDOR multicom or TC80 shoring tower, expands the fields of application to the sector of infrastructures (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, special structures, etc.).

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