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Formwork for Circular Pillar

The steel formwork for casting round column cross-section.


Excellent fair-faced concrete finishing;
The system is made up of two half-columns that are separately handled;
Easy and quick assembly with pins & wing nut.

The system

The FFC column system is made up of 2 semi-circular modules manufactured with reinforced and calendered steel sheet.

It is available with 25 to 120cm diameters and 50, 100 and 300 cm high modules which can be easily overlapped. It is designed especially for a high number of uses, thanks to its strength provided by external reinforces, allowing 150 kN/sqm casting pressures. The hermetic closure of joints ensures a fair-faced finishing of the concrete.

The system is compatible with all CONDOR wall formworks and includes a service platform and a connectable safety parapet which reduces operating time, thus ensures safe working phases.


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