O-ROUND – Formwork for curved walls

The versatile and easily adjustable formwork for curved walls allowing the casting of curvilinear, closed or semicircular walls with a variable radius starting from 2.50m.


The lightweight frame with shaped vertical tinplates and a 12cm side profile guarantees the support of the curving spindles, the coupling with all the CONDOR vertical formworks and a casting pressure equal to 60kN / sqm;

Easy adjustment of the radius obtained acting directly on the spindles, without any modification to the panel or use of any specific equipment;

Quick check of the correct radii adjustment made thanks to the use of the templates supplied;

Full modularity of the system, thanks to easy coupling of the panels both horizontally and vertically;

Compatibility with all CONDOR accessories for plumbing and casting, in compliance with safety standards;

Flexibility of use in case of multiple works with different radii.

The system

The O-ROUND system is composed by a 12cm profile panels with a vertical metal frame and an 18mm phenolic plywood and the spindles to vary the radius, starting from 2.50m.

The panels are supplied straight and then adjusted on site with extreme simplicity, acting on the bending spindles. It no need for specific equipments and thanks to the easy verification of the settings through the templates supplied.

The use of the O-ROUND Formwork avoids the economic burden deriving from the use of special tailored formworks, being the system adaptable to circular walls of variable geometry and radii.

This system can be combined horizontally and vertically, preserving the same typological and constructive characteristics of the other CONDOR frame formwork systems.

The use of the same accessories ensures full compatibility among different systems.

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