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Eco Formwork System

System for slabs with free mounting scheme and early striking for optimisation of scheduling working time in the construction site.


Free mounting scheme;
Cost effectiveness;
Adaptability to slab’s layout, thickness and height;
Low number of components;
Possibility of choosing the wood sheet depending on the required quality of finishing;
Significant reduction of striking time.

The system

The ECO system preserves all the benefits of the 20FLEX and adds a significant reduction in job construction site working time thanks to the early striking due to the drop-head system.


Thanks to the drop heads the ECO system allows the early striking recovering wood panels and beams from the casted floor, leaving only intermediate props to support the concrete cast.
Primary and secondary beams and wood panels can be used again (for example on the upper floor) with a new set of props, in order to reduce the amount of provided components and significantly drop down performing time.

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