Aluplus Slab Formwork System

Aluplus is the modular, versatile and lightweight formwork system with an aluminum frame that allows you to increase construction productivity by reducing timing for the casting on site of slabs for the construction of multi-storey structures in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.


The low weight of the high-strength aluminum panels (14,67 kg / sqm with 112,5x150cm panel size) ensures easy and practical handling;

Rational and systematic assembly reduces errors and arming times; moreover, the few and cyclical phases that characterize the system allow the mounting with few operators;

Possibility to use CEP steel props or ALUCP in aluminum depending on the thickness of the slab;

The particular shaping of the upper portion of the Aluplus drop-head, together with the early striking system, allows the assembly and disassembly of the formworks by operating bottom-up, avoiding overturning and accidental falls in full compliance with safety regulations;

Practical hooking system that allows a quick and safe installation and removal of the Aluplus drop head from the prop;

Thanks to the Aluplus drop head, it is possible to proceed to early striking, therefore to recover the panel formworks for a faster proceeding of the works while keeping the slab shored, benefitting in time and labor costs;

The phenolic plywood ensures a high quality casting and a high number of reuses, while keeping costs low;

The PVC covers guarantee a perfect sealing of the deck preserving heads and props from concrete residues;

The perimeter or edge compensations and those around pillars are easy to realise through four compensation beams.

The system

Modular system with horizontal development consisting of a light formwork composed by a 9mm birch plywood panel with phenolic coating framed in an aluminum structure with a 12cm high perimeter elements and transverse elements, dedicated steel drop-head and props.
The maximum weight of 24.5kg of the larger formwork (112.5x150cm, equal to about 1.69sqm) together with the lightness of the other elements of the system, gives the Aluplus system the possibility of being handled in compliance with safety standards, limiting the use of the crane.

The formwork is placed on the drop heads (Art. 21365) using the special anti-fall and anti-overturning profile. Always operating bottom-up, the rotation / lifting is then carried out to a horizontal position of the formwork with the aid of the assembly rod, followed by the installation of the necessary props equipped with drop-heads. The systematic sequence of assembly is repeated cyclically without variations allowing the rapid arming of the system.

The striking phase can be anticipated compared to the canonical 28 days thanks to the 21365 Aluplus drop-head that allows the recovery of the panels, leaving the props in place to shore the casted slab for all the time necessary. The panels recovered in advance can immediately be reused (for example on the upper floor) with a new series of props, reducing the number of components necessary for the progress of the work and the time required to complete it.
The Aluplus system is used in civil, residential and multi-storey buildings when a simple, fast and safe product is required, allowing the early recovery of the formwork for rapid realisation of multiple casted slabs.


The system allows the possibility of compensations around or along the discontinuities of the surface of the slab to be casted through the dedicated compensation beams. The most realized compensations are:

  1. compensations around a column;
  2. perimeter compensations (longitudinal and transversal).


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