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Aludeck Slab Formwork System

Aludeck formwork. Aluminium frame formwork which’s modular and flexible, thus saving time in slab castings.



Cassaforma Aludeck, Sistema per solaio Aludeck



Easy assembly with standard-module;
Easy handling of each components, thanks to the lightness of components in high-resistance aluminum;
Panels’ phenolic plywood ensures a high-quality casting and numerous uses, reducing costs;
Compared with standard systems, this system uses fewer panels and saves time when moving elements;
The system is bottom-up assembled and disassembled, thus complying with safety standards; parapets on all the sides significantly reduce risks of falling;
Possibility to use steel props (CEP) or aluminum props (ALUCP);
Thanks to the drop head, advanced disassembly can be quickly performed and panels and beams can be used again by means of a further supply of the so called “advanced” props. Advanced disassembly allows to saving time by 66%, strongly affecting labor costs of the company;
Wide range of accessories for casting of overhangs (cornices and balconies) and compensations around columns, elevator shafts, stairwells and wall closures.

The system

Slab formwork system made up of modular frame aluminum panels with phenolic plywood covering, aluminum beams and props.

Thanks to their extreme lightness, each component can be handly moved in the construction site, in compliance with safety standards, thus limiting the involvement of the crane. Being a standard-module system, in the construction site it is not necessary to calculate the distance between props or the inter-axe between beams; this means easy assembly without errors.

Thanks to the drop heads, it is possible to perform early striking and recover panels and beams from the casted floor, leaving only intermediate props. Primary and secondary beams and panels can be immediately used again (for example on the upper floor) with a new set of props, in order to reduce the amount of provided components and significantly drop down performing time.

This system is suitable for casting any type of slab having downstand beams emerging only in the perimeter of the floorplan.

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