Torre Universal San José - Climbing system SRC 240 - Condor Formwork

Torre Universal is a development by Portfolio Immobiliario with the participation of Universal.

This project (worth 50 million dollars ) is the symbol of the new city skylines sponsored by the municipality of San José, named Ciudad Tecnológica.
Microsoft will be the first and main tenant of the new tower, where a new high-tech centre will be installed.
The first step for the realisation of the facility includes the building of a 31.500 sqm area with 21 floors overall. On the first level there will be 700 sqm available for commercial spaces and restaurants.

Condor is involved in supplying the climbing system SRC-240, providing technical assistance on-site.

The climbing system SRC-240 is a support system for the different casting stages in height and it represents an economic, fast and safe option for higher walls.
It’s composed by brackets attached to supports anchored in the walls and SH20 wooden beams placed orthogonally to the previous ones on which the walking surface has to be fixed.

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