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Audio / lighting / director tower

CONDOR multicom system allows the design of control towers to host the technicians and the operators of the event.

The structure is made with base modules of 200x200cm and 250x250cm and 300x300cm with variable height depending on needs.


MULTICOM CONDOR system allows the design of towers for the audio/light system in 200×200cm, 250x250cm and 300×300cm modules with variable height, according to needs.

The walking surface is made with “SIRIO” series standard steel decks.

Accesses can be made with decks with trapdoor or external stairs.

Towers of different sizes and heights are available, according to needs.

They are suitable to support audio and light systems and house technical staff. Customizable with screen printed cloths. It is possible to create structures also on uneven grounds and on water.


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