Once again Condor sees the bigger picture, and it does so by making the most of all solutions that the latest generation technologies offer.

Another step forward in the customer-oriented approach, to offer an innovative and personal experience to be lived firsthand at any time.
Augmented (AR) reality uses technology to transform the way you work, learn and communicate with your vision of reality.

The new Condor App has been designed to break off the line separating the virtual from the real world, giving everyone the opportunity to bring Condor products with them, and view them in place through their devices.
In the new “CondorFormwork” app, available on the Apple Store and Play Store, there is a section specifically dedicated to AR. You can choose the 3D model of any desired product and visualize it blended with your real environment. So, you can now appreciate the qualities and attention to detail of our formwork and scaffolding system up-close, with a high definition of the accessories that complete the line.

Not only Augmented Reality: the new app will also feature a window on the entire world of Condor, from where you can
  • browse and evaluate our solutions;
  • download catalogs and technical data sheets;
  • ask for free assistance/estimates through the contact form;
  • keep yourself up to date on all the news from our sector, through the Blog & News section.

Condor has always been committed to providing solutions that ensure significant results in the customer’s satisfaction. We scrutinized what new technologies were out there, and what they could bring us. Accordingly, we developed a series of digital tools to enhance the customer experience we offered“- underlines Francesco Petrosino, Condor General Manager – “We are excited to introduce a unique and immersive Augmented Reality technology for our products, a great addition to the services in place“.

A first step towards a whole new world, which this App is only the door of!

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