Condor's Annual Report celebrates a stellar 2022

This has been an exceptional year with great news and significant moments that have allowed our business to grow and open up to new markets.

In tracing this 2022, we have built a report of the highlights, an exciting and satisfying journey that we want to share with all the people close to Condor.

The analysis yields sensational results that confirm unsurprising positive impressions in the middle of the year but, above all, that reward our commercial strategies and the joint commitment of a cohesive and competent team.

Excellent production milestones

Production is the heart of our business and having carried out this complex activity efficiently was the result of good supply chain planning and management.

The rhythms were considerably higher than in 2021 and to give it some figures, the 2.5 million square meters of scaffolding produced could easily cover the whole of Luxembourg, while with the 250 million linear meters of scaffolding planks we could map the entire route from Conza della Campania to Stockholm!

2022 represented a fertile ground while keeping the high standards and the attention to safety as always. We were able to lay the foundations to give life to an even more advanced system. In 2023, the production of our formwork systems will see a series of significant innovations that will allow us to grow numbers and quality and to further expand our distribution strategies.

More and more international Condor systems

Our growth also goes through distribution agreements, particularly when our partners are reliable and forward-looking entrepreneurs. This year we have had the good fortune and the ability to make numerous new agreements that will allow us to open up to new international markets, thus allowing our systems to reach new countries and international branches to expand further.

The credit goes to our managers and the quality of our production, but it is also the result of work that we have been carrying out for years with commitment and resourcefulness.

Thirty years of pride and satisfaction

Condor’s thirtieth anniversary was in 2021, but in 2022 the celebrations were still on and together with our collaborators we greeted this anniversary with a great event where distributors and partners from all over the world came by.

Not just a celebration as any, but an important moment to retrace achievements and milestones and increase our sense of belonging as well as our pride.

Anniversario Condor 30 anni (2)
Anniversario Condor 30 anni (2)
Anniversario Condor 30 anni (2)

Always Flying, a year-long journey

The “journey” was undoubtedly the flagship of this 2022 and we were, as one of our slogans says, “always flying”.

Our sales team has reached every corner of the planet to present our systems and in particular: United States of America, Algeria, Chile, Angola, France, Germany, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Business meetings with distributors and partners, trade shows and training events allowed us to learn about new cultures and increase our experience of interesting markets and their peculiarities.

An extraordinary Bauma

Among the international events that have brought us greater awareness of our great growth and satisfaction in both number and human terms is undoubtedly Bauma, the largest international trade show dedicated to construction.

Our headquarters was the Condor Building, a modern structure and a space where engineers and salesmen could showcase the systems and tell about our philosophy. Other than that, it was also a cozy place where visitors could take a break and relax.

During the seven days in Munich we met more than 2,000 people from more than 150 countries, trade agreements have been signed with companies from Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada and took over about 180 projects.

Condor at Bauma 2022
Bilancio positivo per Condor Spa al Bauma 2022 (7)
Bilancio positivo per Condor Spa al Bauma 2022

Solidarity as a central value for Condor

Solidarity is one of our main values and that is why we support the I Bambini delle Fate, an Italian social enterprise that economically supports projects and inclusion paths aimed at improving the lives of families with autism and disabilities.

On the occasion of the World Day for Autism Awareness, we dedicated the entire month of April to spreading the message of solidarity and stimulating the participation of companies close to us.

In addition, at Christmas we have chosen for our friends and employees solidarity gifts curated by Save The Children. Our small contribution to greater causes.


All-round innovation and sustainability

Production is a very important phase in which design skills and innovation merge. For example, this year we were able to increase the production of props thanks to the implementation of a new 4.0 system.

In the first part of 2023 our plant will be enriched with two new cutting-edge machinery that will further increase our production capacity allowing us to improve our lead times.

The need to increase productivity, however, has not taken up the importance of sustainability for us, which has resulted in the installation of a photovoltaic system at our headquarters in Nusco, followed by two more plants.

In addition, work has begun on the renovation of the office buildings of our two plants in Conza and Nusco aimed at creating ever greater comfort for our employees and focusing on a convention center where we can welcome customers and technicians for our periodic refresher and training meetings.

Training and development of new professional skills

A 2022 also in the name of training, because CPD is important to build a better world.

Insatiable with his great experience and a range of skills, our Business Development Manager Fabio Belsito has entered the Export Champion Program 2022/2023 from SACE & Luiss Business School, a training program with a focus on Latin American markets – in particular Brazil, Mexico and Colombia – that will allow us to improve our relations in these countries.

Our long-standing collaboration with the University of Salerno has allowed us to welcome graduates and specialized technicians to our team, through Master’s Degrees at the 2nd level.

An ever-growing team

We keep reminding ourselves and those who work with us that it is the people who make Condor’s strength.

This year, new professionals have joined our staff, young technicians who are bringing new skills in order, as always, to grow together and give life to new brilliant projects.

2022 is coming to an end and we could not be happier to greet this year full of enthusiasm for the prospects that 2023 will open up and the projects we are already working on.

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