Condor explores Latin American markets with new tools

The story of our experience in the Export Champion Program curated by SACE Education & Luiss Business School

Innovation and lifelong learning are the core elements of our vision: one because we know the world is moving quickly and the other because we want to be part of this incredible fervour.

These ideas underpin a proactive mind that has always guided and led us to accept an important opportunity with the participation in the 2022/2023 Export Champion Program, an advanced and specialized academic training program promoted by SACE Education in collaboration with Luiss Business School.

Condor Spa - Export Champion Program curato da SACE Education & Luiss Business School

South America and the many opportunities for Made in Italy

Today at its third edition, the Master is a prestigious training opportunity for companies wanting to improve their knowledge of international markets, intercept new businesses, including supply chain operations supervised by SACE, and improve trade relations in these countries.

The focus on South American nations is no coincidence. Despite the pandemic, since 2021 Latin America has registered dynamic growth (+7% of GDP on average), favored by the intrinsic distance from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and precious energy and food self-sufficiency.

What’s more, the region offers good opportunities for the Made in Italy, while the objective of this training is to provide Condor with the tools needed to understand the market and structure a strategy to successfully address it.

Export Champion Program curato da SACE Education & Luiss Business School

The dynamics prevailing in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico

Our Business Development Manager Fabio Belsito, has followed the rich Master program focused on Latin America and specifically on Brazil, Colombia and Mexico markets.

Each country’s regulations vary according to geopolitical changes and changes in domestic policies. The activities set out in the study plan have been structured in such a way as to enable enterprises to monitor their commercial and administrative development.

We are thankful to SACE Education & Luiss Business School for providing valuable tools to help us set an untrodden route to get around in this area. Needless to say, that enables us to deepen the dynamics that govern the markets we will focus on in the near future, mostly Mexico and Colombia.

Over the last meeting in the beautiful Villa Blanc in Rome, headquarters of the training institute, a symposium was featured by Michele Pala, Central Director for Latin American Countries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, José Luis Rhi-Sausi, Coordinator of the SME Forum and Alessandro Terzulli, Chief Economist of SACE.

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