April solidarity: Condor dedicates a month to awareness about Autism

Condor S.p.A. supporta I Bambini delle Fate

We welcome the opportunity offered by the World Autism Awareness Day to launch a new initiative and tell about our commitment to support local realities and associations that deal with social issues and provide help to people and families in difficulty.

During the month of April all our scaffolding will show a label to communicate two important messages: the role of active ambassador of Condor and an invitation addressed to individuals and entrepreneurs to support I Bambini delle Fate.

The collaboration with I Bambini delle Fate

We are very proud of our collaboration with I Bambini delle Fate, a social enterprise which financially supports projects and inclusion paths aimed at improving the lives of families with autism and disabilities.

This reality stands out for its innovative approach to fundraising which is ongoing and which involves supporters in the donation program and in the adoption of local projects.

Active ambassadors and supporters of social inclusion projects in the area

Condor’s commitment it’s clear in a constant contribution through the “Fare impresa nel sociale” program, a network of entrepreneurs that provides continuous donations to local associations that with these funds have the opportunity to carry out projects that respond to real needs and that can evolve over time. Our role is also that of adoptive enterprise of the project “Il Giardino dei Libri”, a cooperative that deals with the inclusion and empowerment of people with autism and disabilities in the Campania region.

We are also promoters of the space created by the cooperative, an open space for children and young people with fragility who will be able to experience a welcoming and stimulating environment to develop their skills and potential.

We invite nearby companies and customers to follow our example and become donors of I Bambini delle Fate.

Find out more on the dedicated page.

Download Condor Formwork AR App

Download Condor Formwork AR App

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