An extraordinary edition of Bauma with a very positive outcome for Condor

Our team had a complete immersion in Munich for the biggest global event dedicated to machinery and building materials, mining industry, vehicles and construction equipment

Bilancio positivo per Condor Spa al Bauma 2022 (15)

From 24 to 30 October, the Condor Building, inside the Messe München, was our headquarters for the Bauma 2022, a landmark event and platform for the sector that this year saw 3,200 exhibitors from 60 countries and over 495,000 visitors from over 200 countries.

Condor at Bauma 2022

Not just a booth but a real building, elegant and functional, a space where engineers and salespeople could illustrate the systems and talk about our philosophy. A cozy one where visitors could also take a break from the trading show hive of activity.  

Bilancio positivo per Condor Spa al Bauma 2022
Bilancio positivo per Condor Spa al Bauma 2022
Bilancio positivo per Condor Spa al Bauma 2022
Bilancio positivo per Condor Spa al Bauma 2022 (7)
Bilancio positivo per Condor Spa al Bauma 2022 (7)

After a successful edition in 2019, our objectives included consolidating relationships with companies on the international market, successfully meeting with new distributors eager to meet our team and literally put their finger on our systems and creating opportunities to discuss and share new projects with entrepreneurs and professionals.

Bilancio positivo per Condor Spa al Bauma 2022 (5)

Thanks to the contemporary design, the implementation of technological tools and the strategic position, the attendance of this edition in our space was clearly superior to 2019, which has seen us constantly engaged in meaningful conversations about our range of formwork and scaffolding and other exciting issues related to construction innovations.

Grazie al design contemporaneo, agli strumenti tecnologici e anche alla posizione strategica, l’affluenza di questa edizione è stata maggiore rispetto al 2019, il che ci ha visti costantemente impegnati in interessanti conversazioni sulla nostra gamma di casseforme e ponteggi e su altri stimolanti temi relativi alle innovazioni nel campo delle costruzioni.

The design of the Condor Building was in line with a new idea of hospitality that allowed us to give space to relationships without neglecting the protagonists of our offer – the systems on display. All visitors were welcomed by engineers and salespeople who, with different but coordinated approaches, were able to listen carefully to projects and needs and promptly answer all questions to provide the best possible advice.

Bilancio positivo per Condor Spa al Bauma 2022 (7)

Our technicians welcomed about 2,000 visitors, met customers and distributors from over 150 countries around the world and established interesting new business relationships with Israel, Canada, US, UK and Algeria that will be closely followed in the coming months.

Una piacevole parentesi, per ospiti e partner, è stata rappresentata dal party serale in cui la musica del dj newyorkese Hector Romero e la voce di Titty Singer hanno creato un’atmosfera piacevole che ha permesso a tutti di rilassarsi e ritagliarsi un momento per fortificare i rapporti umani.

A pleasant happening, for guests and partners, was the evening party featuring the music of the New York DJ Hector Romero and the voice of Titty Singer, creating a sensational atmosphere that allowed everyone to relax and carve out a moment to strengthen human relationships.

Bilancio positivo per Condor Spa al Bauma 2022 (7)
Bilancio positivo per Condor Spa al Bauma 2022 (17)

The records of our Bauma are very positive, we could meet so many people interested in our solutions through an exciting exchange of ideas, as well as to sign important distribution agreements.

We thank our old friends, new entrepreneurs and professionals who have come by to greet us and in particular the distributors who have honored us with their presence and offered their support once again. 

We have plenty in store so many new projects for the next Bauma.

See you there from 7 to 13 April 2025!

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