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The standard UNI EN1065 requires a classification of props according to their capacity and provides specific geometrical and mechanical prescriptions for each parts that compose the element.
The same standard introduces a series of prescriptions that certify the quality of adjustable telescopic steel props with covered or exposed thread, designed for use in the construction site.
For this purpose, the standard identifies specific materials, project requirements, protection alternatives against corrosion and check methods employing both structural calculations and experimental tests.

CEP – CONDOR European Props comply with the European standard.
The CEP10 prop is easy to handle and light with a 10 kN minimum capacity.
Four types of props (CEP10-250; CEP10-300; CEP10-350; CEP10-400) suitable to cover heights from 1,50m to 4,00m.

The CEP20 prop is easy to handle and light with a 20 kN minimum capacity.
Five types of props (CEP20-300; CEP20-350; CEP20-400; CEP20-450; CEP20-500) suitable to cover heights from 1,80m to 5,00m

The CEP30 prop is easy to handle and light with a 30 kN minimum capacity.
Three types of props (CEP30-300; CEP30-350; CEP30-400) suitable to cover heights from 1,80m to 4,00 m.

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Technical Consultancy

By continuously communicating with construction site managers and technical supervisors, CONDOR technicians provide technical support aiming at identifying the product or a combination of products which most meet a specific need, thus designing technical solutions which can be adopted thanks to the characteristics of CONDOR's system modularity and to the unceasing activity of Research and Development.