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CONDOR at conexpo
After a successful World of Concrete, CONDOR will showcase its products also at the CONEXPO-CON / AGG in Las Vegas. From 10 to 14 March 2020, the Italian company will be waiting for you at Stand F/7191.CONEXPO-CON / AGG is the largest construction exhibition in North America. Organized in Las Vegas, this massive event presents the latest technologies in equipment and applications in every field of the construction industry.CONEXPO-CON / AGG brings together contractors, dealers, distributors, ser...
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press release: coronavirus: no critical issues for CONDOR formwork
Following our clients’ request for an update, CONDOR is here to announce that no case of Coronavirus has been reported within the company, and the production keeps going as per usual. We hope that the protective measures will be helpful and that the emergency may soon be subsided....
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CONDOR formwork guest of business24: the interview to our general manager francesco petrosino
The history of this company goes back 40 years with his father, Alfonso. Before 1981, Alfonso Petrosinowas a building entrepreneur with a great sense of initiative, always looking for new adventures and challenges. That is when, in 1981, the construction industry, specifically scaffolding and construction accessories, was a very successful business. There he identified an opportunity to diversify and concentrate the core of his future business. SKY EDILAGRO in Castel San Giorgio, is a distributo...
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CONDOR is proud elite day
CONDOR is proud to be part of the ELITE Day | Linking Excellence event in London on 28 October 2019CONDOR joins ELITE Day, a world class conference discussing the necessity and impact of innovation and the challenges of growth.Over 500 international ELITE companies and partners will come together to share their vision and challenges.CONDOR is one of the main European companies working in the production of scaffolding, formwork and trench shoring systems that can be used in a wide range of applic...
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scaffolding and formwork in virtual reality
April 8-14, 2019: some international expertise will be presented from Campania, Italy, by CONDOR SpA, who brag about branches in both UAE and Tunisia, through a VR (virtual reality) tour at Monaco Bauma, Stand FN418/1.Decades of background experience in the design, production and sale of building systems, in collaboration with, CONDOR has created an experiential journey in VR that will allow guests to immerse themselves in a series of scenarios, which will tell the universe of CONDOR...
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wall formwork optimo systems for floors 20-flex maya maya airport brazzaville congo
We are engaged in on-site technical assistance for the supply of Optimo wall formwork and 20-Flex slab formwork systems. This project involves the construction of a control tower with a lookout, whose peak rises to 47.1 m in height at Maya Maya airport in Brazzaville - Congo. . The tower will be built on special foundations consisting of micropiles with an average diameter of 30 cm and filled with a concrete mortar of 1200 kg per cubic meter. The superstructure consists of a classic 12-levels pi...
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CONDOR strengthen its presence in africa
After the opening of the branch in Dubai and the positive experience of the branch in Algiers, CONDOR strengthen its presence in Africa with the opening of a new operational branch based in Sfax (Tunisia).Since the dawning of its international experience, CONDOR focused on the African continent, where the growing development has been able to commit to the latest construction technologies, especially in the infrastructure and civil construction fields.During the last years there have been several...
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CONDOR shed its skin new logo and new slogan
New logo and new slogan for the formwork and scaffolding company.New image and not just for CONDOR. To represent the formwork and scaffolding company will be, starting from June, a brand image with stronger characters but stylised in its pictographic part. The new logo, which has got the red color from the previous one but it more brightness, and replaced black with gray to evoke the raw material used (steel), is the emblem of the ability CONDORhas to always accept and overcome new challenges. "...
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torre arcobaleno

Torre Arcobaleno

The Torre Arcobaleno, a recognizable mark on the city and emotional landscape of Milan, and symbol of the capital of fashion and design, has been restored to its original splendour thanks to the restoration work carried out by Bazzea-B Construction Technology, CONDOR, Row Solutions, Mapei and Marazzi, with the patronage of the public works and site amenities Department of the Milan City Council and the hospitality of the State Railways. Behind the project is the Architecture Division of the Mila...
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new business mission at international building&construction shows
CONDOR will participate the fairs in Dubai, Algiers, Casablanca and Toronto planned for Nov. and Dec.CONDOR S.p.A. – specializing corporation in innovative systems for the building and infrastructure industry – is reintroducing the business plan designed for the internationalization and confirms the goals exploring new markets. The Italian multinational enterprise  will be a key player at the most important international shows from the building and construction industry, scheduled for Novem...
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CONDOR will be the new location for cnr s technology centre
Aludeck formworks will reduce the duration of works by 70% compared with traditional systemsCONDOR – a company specializing in innovative systems for the construction and infrastructure sectors – was chosen to carry out the ultimate project for the new location of the National Research Council’s (CNR) “Technology Centre” in Naples, ordered by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, through the interregional Public Works Department of Campania and Molise.The CNR plan...
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CONDOR debuts on google play and apple store
The Italian multinational company launches an innovative app for Android and Apple systemsCONDOR – specialized industry in innovative systems for construction and infrastructure – debuts on tablets and mobile and, starting from today, enters in the Android and Apple prestigious multimedia showcases.The Italian multinational, therefore, confirms its innate vocation for research also in the digital world, strengthening its presence on the web with a new business app that will allow anyone to c...
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CONDOR at the g20 yea summit in sidney
Among the key actions, youth valorisation and promotion of innovation and formationG20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance – YEA, the summit for 400 young entrepreneurs from G20 Countries, held in Sidney from the 18th to the 22nd of July, came to an end.The Italian Delegation -  led by Luca Donelli, Responsible for International Relations, and the Sherpa Nicola Altobelli– saw in the team Francesco Petrosino, CONDOR Group General Director, representing Confindustria Avellino Youth Entreprene...
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an international patent to work safely
Investing in research and development to safeguard the workers’ health and prevent injuries on-siteSpreading the culture on safety matters, reducing the risk of injury and improving working conditions, as an ethical value and pattern of development in international markets – that’s the aim.Condor, a company specialized in innovative systems  for the construction industry, aims to enhance the prevention to protect workers’ health and obtains a new international patent: the risk-free, a s...
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green economy campania eco-friendly festival
CONDOR is the key player at the Campania Eco-Friendly Festival CONDOR wants to add an important value, to grow the market but not only: the natural environment we live in must be protected, and therefore our social responsibility secured. The CONDOR Group is involved in a superb path, whose aim is promoting eco-friendly yet innovative products, keeping high European standards as of safety matters: that’s a true challenge, which the whole entrepreneurship system must face with in order to s...
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a significant contract in algeria for the CONDOR
The Italian multinational company will be involved in the planning of great infra-works commissioned by the Algerian government.CONDOR, a company specialized in innovative products for the building and infrastructure industries has gotten a paramount contract in Algeria for a total value of EUR 2 million.A prestigious award for the Italian multinational company, widely appreciated on international markets for reliability and compliance of its products to higher safety standards.CONDOR will be in...
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partner of offshore world championship xcat world series 2014
Agreement signed for the event of the Government of Dubai, held in Naples, from May 23th to 25thCONDOR Group official sponsor of WPPA - World Professional Powerboating Association, third stage of the Offshore world championship “XCAT World Series 2014”, held in Naples, from May 23th to 25th.The important collaboration agreement signed by Condor, technical partner of the race valid for the league owned by the Dubai government, confirms the ambitious internationalization plan presented...
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CONDOR expo 2015 milan

EXPO 2015 in Milano

CONDOR is participating the EXPO 2015 in Milan and is present on the Catalogue of Participating Companies. ...
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arab construction world airport in jeddah
Condor, the Italian group specialized in the production and selling of scaffoldings and formworks for constructions, will be part of the ambitious project for building the airport in Jeddah.After the Riyadh Prince Palace, CONDOR formworkswill be used to realize part of King Abdulaziz International Airport, which, with its three new terminal buildings, a high-speed rail link and a capacity for up to 80million passengers per year, is the third largest and busiest airport of Saudi Arabia, as well ...
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CONDOR for the new jeddah airport
The Italian Company again in Saudi Arabia for the New King Abdulaziz International Airport Project.Condor, the Italian group specialised in the production and selling of scaffoldings and formworks for constructions, will be part of the ambitious project for building the airport in Jeddah.After the Riyadh Prince Palace, CONDOR formworks will be used to realise part of King Abdulaziz International Airport, which, with its three new terminal buildings, a high-speed rail link and a capacity for up t...
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CONDOR aims at expanding the markets of mediterranean africa
BATIMATEC, Alger from 03/05/12 to 07/05/12 www.batimatecexpo.comCARTHAGE EXPOSITION, Tunis from 16/05/12 to 20/05/12 BUILD, Tripoli from 20/05/12 to 24/05/12’s attendance at these events is the result of the investment plan that the Campanian group has allocated in order to consolidate its presence in these emerging markets. ...
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CONDOR in mediterranean africa
For the year 2012 CONDOR confirms the participation to the exhibitions taking place in the Maghreb area: Batimatec (Alger), Exposition Carthage (Tunis), Lybia Build (Tripoli). ...
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