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CONDOR Formwork systems


Formwork, formwork systems?
Whatever the name, it's the quality that matters. 

Reasons why CONDOR is your best ally!

CONDOR S.p.A. is one of the main European companies with a 30-year experience working in the design, production and sale of shoring structures for the construction industry.

Thanks to a major technical department, made up of engineers and designers, we develop formwork systems that perfectly adapt to the specific needs of building sites, endorsing a different approach for industrial or residential building projects.

Moreover, our team of engineers offers qualified and long-life assistance to closely follow the execution and offer a concrete response to meet any need. 


Condor 4 Industries

ISO 9001 and IIS certifications for welding processes ensure strict quality standards and frequent checks on raw materials' origins. 

Certified systems for Quality Control, along with continuous training for the workforce provide CONDOR products with a superior quality. 

If you have a building site, ask for further information - we can help you with: 

  • Concrete casting and reinforced concrete casting
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Waterproofing membrane
  • Foundations
  • Retaining system casting
  • Tunnels
  • Pier cap
  • Bridge Shoring
  • Columns / Piers
  • Viaducts, bridges, canals
  • Hydraulic works
  • Reinforced concrete casting works
  • Circular constructions
  • Piers

Ask away for scaffoldings, trench shoring systems for safe excavations, stages and coverings for your building site:

Condor 4 Private Building

Are you working on your own project? Ask for support and Formwork for: 

  • Stairwells
  • Walls
  • Slabs
  • Slabs with drop heads
  • Bulkheads / Walls
  • Elevators shafts
  • Niches
  • Sleeve footing
  • And much more


What kind of Formwork do you need today??

Whatever the need, Condor can provide you with different kinds of formwork systems. Get our availability on second-hand equipment or brand new panels at the best price on the market:  

  • Preassembled
  • Composite
  • Brand new or second hand
  • Do it yourself
  • Long-life
  • Handily moving
  • Disposable
  • Early striking
  • Alternative to Hunnerbeck model
  • Alternative to Ninvie e Olmet
  • Alternative to Geoplast model
  • Alternative to crab model
  • Beams for slabs
  • Arched


The modularity of CONDOR scaffolding and formwork’s makes extreme design solutions and complex geometries possible, thus becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Research and Development

The constant attention by Condor Research and Development Department to workers’ safety at height brought to the development of RISK-FREE scaffolding


The quality of products is ensured by a number of certifications, such as ISO 9001 and IIS on welding processes, along with fully-automatized numerical control systems.

Training and safety

Training courses regularly held by Condor technicians with the support of professionals and external institutions focused on safety at work.

Shaping the form is our job.

Every Formwork has form, dimensions and a different purpose. You can easily place your order and immediately see your idea taking shape. What kind of formwork are you looking for? 

  • Round
  • Special
  • Vertical / Horizontal
  • Climbing
  • Straight
  • Without Crane
  • Circular
  • Curvilinear
  • With frame
  • With tunnel


Choose your formwork in different kind of materials

By continuously communicating with construction site managers and technical supervisors, CONDOR technicians provide technical support aiming at identifying the product or a combination of products which best meet specific needs.

Choose among Formworks like::

  • Aluminium
  • Galvanized
  • Metal
  • Other than polystyrene
  • Alternative to the noe end wood
  • Alternative to inflatable model
  • And much more


Condor S.p.A. is a global company active in Italy and in more than 30 counties all over the world.

What do CONDOR services include?

  • Executive drawings of formwork and scaffolding (plants, sections and elevations);
  • Constructive and executive details of the elements of the formwork and scaffolding;
  • Calculation report and checking of the products supplied;
  • Formwork and Scaffolding elements calculation to be delivered: quantity, quality and dimensions of the components;
  • Support documents for regular or extraordinary quality control.

For over thirty years we have been designing, producing, selling and renting
systems for infrastructural, industrial, residential and renovation buildings.

Are you looking for the best solutions?