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Wall Formwork

Can your systems be applied to any type of reinforced concrete wall?

Yes, our wall formwork systems are designed to meet the needs of any and all construction sites. Indeed, the same product can be purchased in different sizes, for different purposes (walls, pillars/columns, single-sided system).

What is the maximum cast pressure that your wall formwork can withstand?

Standard formwork systems support a maximum casting pressure of 120KN/m2. In particular cases, where higher pressures are required, the formwork can be stiffened with extra accessories and/or redesigned on request.

Can your wall panels be carried by one person?

It depends on the type of formwork. Some systems have been designed to favor handling: one of these is the haliform formwork which can be easily moved by one person.

How many times can I reuse your formwork panels?

The durability of a formwork is strictly linked to its use and maintenance. CONDOR formwork systems feature a rigid structure and a finish that ensures a high number of reuses. The plywood layer with phenolic coating may be reused hundreds of times on each side. On top of that, you can also purchase the plywood coat with plastic layer (Long-Life model)

Is the request for a quote somewhat binding??

Not at all. The request for a quote is free and without obligation. Our technicians will study the solution that best suits your needs, while our sales managers will offer different opportunities and methods of purchase.

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Technical Consultancy

By continuously communicating with construction site managers and technical supervisors, CONDOR technicians provide technical support aiming at identifying the product or a combination of products which most meet a specific need, thus designing technical solutions which can be adopted thanks to the characteristics of CONDOR's system modularity and to the unceasing activity of Research and Development.